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Facebook: The single biggest
opportunity to drive sales
for your business.

2.4 million people on facebook in Ireland,
1.7million check in daily.

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Facebook: The single biggest
opportunity to drive sales
for your business.

Organic reach is limited

Even if someone has liked your page, it doesn’t mean they will be shown all your posts. Facebook limits the reach of your posts through using its algorithm. It’s more likely that only 6% of your fans/likes will see your communication. This means business’s must invest in facebook Ad Campaigns in order to reach customers in significant volume.

Solve it with an Facebook Campaign

Your business will appear prominently in the main news feed, so it can’t be missed. You decide to whom you show your ad based on Age, gender, and location. You can reach as few as 3,000 users or as many as 200,000 and many in between so we have price points that will fit your budget.

Choose Your Location, Maximize Impact
If your Business is predominantly from local customers, you’ll love our targeting feature. Set a radius around your business in which to show your Ad campaign, you can set up to 3 locations and cast your net as near or wide as you like. This ensures zero wasted ad spend and maximum response to your ad.

What Happens Immediately After I Purchase A MySite?

Day 1 Your rep will provide you with a contract and will send your details to our fulfillment team.

Day 2-5 You will receive an email containing your proof for your print ad.  The webservices team will begin work on building your MySite.

Day 5-10 Our webservices team will build your MySite website for you using information that you have provided to the Sales Rep, content from your own website and content from your social media.  We will set up the web address which will finish with .goldenpages.ie.   When your site is complete we will register you in Business Centre where you can access your MySite stats and allows you to log in to make changes to your MySite’s content.  We will send you your welcome email to show you what your site looks like and should you require any changes to the MySite please reply to the mail and we will be happy to make them for you.  Also included in this mail will be contact details for your Sales Rep and your Webservices Account Manager.  The log in details for making changes to MySite will be included in this mail.

Can I See Analytic Reports For MySite?

You can log in to see the statistics on how your your site is performing in Business Centre.

How Do I Make Changes To A MySite?

If you require any changes to your MySite please call 01 6188000 or email us on webservices@goldenpages.ie.

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