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What Happens After I Purchase A New Website (Day 1- 5)

First of all you will receive a call from your dedicated account manager. Their job is to guide you through the website build process and then to make sure that the website continues to serve your business needs over the coming months. They will also be responsible for ensuring that any solutions you bought to bring traffic to your website (such as SEO or Google AdWords) are delivering results for your business.

What Happens After I Purchase A New Website (Day 5- 10)

Next, you will receive a call from our digital content specialist, who will go through everything you want to include on the site. This includes the services you offer, any photos you may want to use, logos etc. We advise that you have a look at some other websites so you can get a few ideas.
In the meantime, you may receive a call from our team in regards to registering your domain. (your domain is the website address you will be using e.g. www.companyname.ie ) If we need any additional information from you to register this, we will let you know. We can also help you to set up any email addresses you wish to have (for example info@companyname.ie).

What Happens After I Purchase A New Website (Day 10-20)

Once we have received all your content, one of our designers will get to work on building the site. This will include how it looks, ensuring everything works correctly etc.

What Happens After I Purchase A New Website (Day 20-25)

Once your designer has built your new website, you will receive a link. This will be a revision window, which allows you to see the site and gives you opportunity to have a look over and see if there are any changes to make. You may want to change content, design etc. This is no problem and will be done by our designers.

How do I track my results?

Once your website is live, you want to see how well it is performing. Our team set you up with Google Analytics, which allows you to see a whole range of stats, including how many people have clicked on your site, your most popular page, how long they are spending on the site etc. Please note that you will need a Google / Gmail account to see this information. In the event you do not have one, our team will be more than happy to assist you in setting one up.

I have no photos / very few photos for my website, what do I do?

We have access to a stock library, which we can buy photos from. This is all included in the cost of your site. This means we get high quality photos that really help create a professional image for your business. Often our designers will take photos from here, or if you have any specific ones you would like to use, simply send us over a link. The stock library we use is mostphotos.com

When will I see my website on Google?

Websites take time to rank and you will not appear on Google straight away. However, our entire team work according to best practice, from writing copy to mobilising your site, giving you the best possible chance of ranking. Please note that we cannot guarantee any positioning on Google. We do offer additional products and services designed to promote your website, which you can discuss with your rep, e.g. Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords™

How many email addresses can I have?

You can have up to five email addresses with your new website. Having a new email set up gives your business a more professional image, so rather than using companyname@hotmail.com, we can use info@companyname.ie, sales@companyname.ie, and so on. We can set these up so they still go into your regular gmail / hotmail / yahoo mailbox. Our experts can give you a call and walk you through setting this up.

Can I change my website once it goes live?

Of course you can. At FCR Media, we can make changes to your website as the business changes. For example, you may have a new service you wish to promote, or your pricing structure may change. If you get a great testimonial or some new photos, send it over and we will incorporate it into the website.

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MySites from goldenpages.ie

What Happens Immediately After I Purchase A MySite?

Day 1 Your rep will provide you with a contract and will send your details to our fulfillment team.

Day 2-5 You will receive an email containing your proof for your print ad.  The webservices team will begin work on building your MySite.

Day 5-10 Our webservices team will build your MySite website for you using information that you have provided to the Sales Rep, content from your own website and content from your social media.  We will set up the web address which will finish with .goldenpages.ie.   When your site is complete we will register you in Business Centre where you can access your MySite stats and allows you to log in to make changes to your MySite’s content.  We will send you your welcome email to show you what your site looks like and should you require any changes to the MySite please reply to the mail and we will be happy to make them for you.  Also included in this mail will be contact details for your Sales Rep and your Webservices Account Manager.  The log in details for making changes to MySite will be included in this mail.

Can I See Analytic Reports For MySite?

You can log in to see the statistics on how your your site is performing in Business Centre.

How Do I Make Changes To A MySite?

If you require any changes to your MySite please call 01 6188000 or email us on webservices@goldenpages.ie.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Just purchased an SEO Package from FCR Media! What happens next? Day 1 - 5

Your SEO – Search Engine Optimisation - Account Manager will contact you within 48 hours of your campaign going live to confirm all details captured at point of sale. This includes; Keywords targeted, Geographical location of campaign, website address, website login details and contact email and telephone numbers.  The login details are particularly important because it enables us to make changes to the background tagging which is vital to a successful SEO campaign. Contact details of your account manager will be given to ensure you have the right person to talk to in the event of any changes or issues throughout the set term.

Just purchased an SEO Package from FCR Media! What happens next? Day 5 - 10

You will receive an email entitled – “Important changes to your site that need your approval” This email requires your attention as authorisation is needed to make the necessary changes to help improve your ranking on Google.

Just purchased an SEO Package from FCR Media! What happens next? Day 10 - 15

Next contact will be an email headed “Ranking Tool Software” this gives you information on how to track your progress on your chosen keywords.
You will receive several “Link Building Reports” throughout the duration of the programme detailing all the links that have been built to improve your SEO..

Just purchased an SEO Package from FCR Media! What happens next? Ongoing

Your will have monthly link building reports and regular contact from your account manager keeping you up to date on progress.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It refers to techniques that help your website become more visible in organic search results for the people who are looking for your services via search engines like Google

Do I need SEO?

SEO is all about making your website “Google-friendly. Search engines take into account an enormous list of features within every website. All of these characteristics centre on making the user experience as good as it can possibly be. After Google analyzes these factors a Page Rank is determined. Generally speaking, this Page Rank will establish where your website falls on a search engine results page. Our SEO product helps improve your organic presence.

What's the difference between organic vs. paid results?

Organic results are the results that appear in search engines, for free, based on an algorithm. Paid search results appear at the top,side or bottom of a Search Results Page. These are the links that advertisers pay to appear on different search engines. This is also known as SEA – if you require further information on this we would be delighted to speak to you.

Will SEO improvements happen quickly?

Whilst some SEO changes can have a very positive quick effect on your website position – it is generally combined changes that will help with your organic ranking. Generally SEO is a process that does not happen overnight and needs time to be recognised by search engines

How does Link Building improve my ranking?

Link Building helps improve your rankings. Search engines see links as positive vote for your site, we build these links and will send reports on each month showing you the links that are now helping your website improve position.

How can I check my SEO progress?

Your account manager will talk you through the online tool – Rankwatch – that shows all progress and the SEO campaign is making.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I've just purchased an SEA Package, What's Next? Day 1 - 5

Your Google Search Engine advertising programme is presented to our team of Google optimisers who build your campaign based on the following criteria; Keywords and search terms required for the services you provide, geographical area targeted, length and value of campaign and website campaign is directed to. In the event the adword campaign is directed to a website we are building this time frame commences from date the site is live.

I've just purchased an SEA Package, What's Next? Days 5 - 10

You will receive an email entitled - Welcome - Your Search Engine Advertising Programme Is Now Live from traffic@fcrmedia.ie Within 24 hours of receiving this e-mail your dedicated account manager will contact you to confirm all details of your campaign. You will also be given information on how to track the campaigns progress through “Merchant Centre” our online reporting tool. All contact details for your account manager will be furnished at this time.

I've just purchased an SEA Package, What's Next? Ongoing

You will have several contacts from your Account Manager throughout the term to update you on performance and any changes we may suggest to improve same if required.
If at any time throughout the campaign you have a query your account manager will be available to help with this.
A Monthly report will be sent on to you to keep you informed on how the Adwords campaign is performing.

What is Search Engine Advertising SEA – Google Adwords?

Search Engine Advertising is the placing of Ads on search engines like Google that target specific terms searchers are looking for.

Do I need SEA?

SEA ensures you target potential customers who are looking for the services you provide when searching online. This means your Google Ads only appear in front of relevant potential customers.

What's the difference between SEA - Google Adwords and SEO - Organic Listings?

Google Adwords listings appear at the top,side or bottom of a Search Results Page. These ads when clicked bring the searcher to your website to increase the amount of traffic to your website to generate more enquiries. Organic results appear in an order that is determined by Google search criteria. The term to improve ranking in the Organic listings is known as SEO – Search Engine Optimisation If you would like to learn more about SEO we would be delighted to speak to yo

Will my ads appear all the time?

Depending on the budget allocated this will determine how many clicks your campaign generates for particular terms – we can focus the campaign to your specific requirements. If the daily budget is spent for a specific term the listing will no longer appear.

Will my monthly payment amount change?

No – an FCR Media Managed SEA account ensures the payments remain the same as agreed so no surprises in relation to billing!

Why are competitors ads appearing above mine?

This will mostly be determined by Budget allocated to the campaign, as this will be the main factor in the amount of times an add shows.

Can you guarantee that I am on the top three adverts?

We can never guarantee that we will have you in the top three ads all the time, what we will provide is the most cost efficient ad campaign with the maximum amount of clicks generated over the term of the contract.

How can I check my Adwords performance?

Matchcraft our online performance reporting tool gives you access to your campaign as often as you require. Monthly reports will be forwarded to you by email and your dedicated account manager is available to answer any queries you may have.


Can I make changes to the programme myself

Yes you can. Log into your SnapSync account and follow the prompts to add additional information. Alternatively your SnapSync account manager can take you through a short demo and answer any questions you may have.