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How Much Should You Spend On Your Website?

How Much Should You Spend On Your Website?

Website design has changed a lot over the last few years. At FCR Media our website design methods are constantly evolving, we’ve invested in systems to streamline the development process allowing us to reduce costs and give you more value for your money when commissioning a new website or upgrading an existing one. We specialise in affordable websites for Irish SME’s by providing a complete package including support service, content strategy, and ongoing site marketing.

This is especially good news when you consider that – “Close to 50% of people in the United Kingdom research a purchase online, before purchasing it online, locally, in-store or by phone.”

It’s tricky to get an exact amount of how much you should spend because there are so many variables to consider such as –

Existing web presence: Is your website performing well already, or is it letting you down?

Type of business (business sector) you’re in: Are all your sales online from start to finish, do you want to get customers into your business store / premises / venue, or do you operate an on-demand callout service?

Amount of new business vs existing business you require: Do you have repeat customers so you can focus on maximising lifetime value, or do you need a constant stream of new customers each month?

If we flip the question to talk about ‘ROI’ (Return on Investment) then it becomes easier. For example €E10,000 or €15,000 website may look very well, but if you’ve no budget left to promote it to new customers through a broad range of web listing, search, and social services then it really is a waste of good money.

Planning For Success

We handle the web design and online management of thousands of Irish companies each year and here are some rules of thumb that we see over and over again.

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Rule Of Thumb #1 Make A Budget:

Deciding on a budget for the online strategy of your business is key. Your total budget for the year, will include, design and construction of the website, hosting, domains, updates and driving customers to that website. During the year, a little money often will work far better than a big amount once off. By having a budget and a dashboard of analytics you can monitor the amount of business you got back in return. This allows you to see what worked and more importantly stop what doesn’t, ultimately accelerating your success.

Rule Of Thumb #2: Try To Spread Large Costs:

For example – If you are forced to spend a couple of thousand euro on a new website and pay upfront, it could be months before you have the budget to drive traffic to your website and bring in new customers, it almost defeats the purpose of the new website in the beginning. Spreading that cost out will allow you to reap the benefit of the new website and make back your investment quickly. FCR Media offer a part upfront payment and monthly installment billing plan so that you don’t get hit with big bills.

Rule Of Thumb #3: Spend Wisely:

A 360 Virtual Tour of your business embedded in your website might have massive benefit for your business, especially if you have a really nice premises, however another business might do far better with Adwords advertising. The key is to know what will work. It might sound complicated but a consultation with one of our dedicated account managers will give you everything you need to make an educated decision, to spend your money wisely and maximise your budget.

Rule Of Thumb #4: Check Your Quotes:

When you do get a quote for a new website, make sure you know what’s included. What other extra costs you’ll have to pay? Will you receive ongoing support? Will someone make a change for you should you need one? Will you incur extra hosting costs? Will your website be SEO ready with best practices? etc Also is there any marketing included – will your website provider help promote your site and build customer engagement? Having a company that will actively engage with you throughout the year to keep your site fresh and improving is often the key to success.

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