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How To Make Your Website More Visible!

How Can I Make My Website More Visible?

Online – You need to spread your net wide so that wherever there is a conversation happening about your business sector or services your website is only one click away. You can do this by submitting your website to all the key directories, navigation tools, and search engines, as well as gaining a presence on social media sites relevant to your sector.

Offline – Is similar, spread the word by putting your website address on your van, business cards, shop window – literally anywhere a customer might be looking.

Your online business profile is your most visible asset. 85% of people in the UK use Google as one of their online sources for finding information about a business and your website can play a key role in them deciding to go with your product or service.

This is why FCR Media have teamed up with Google. When you buy a website you can also incorporate a traffic and account management plan to boost your traffic and drive sales.

We know that every business is unique thats why we discuss and learn about your business to provide a custom content strategy to meet your needs and maximize your revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We see SEO as the optimization of your online presence so that your business becomes more visible on search engines. Your business website is the most important aspect of your business profile, websites that rank high on Google deliver a great user experience and are easy to understand for search engines.

Our business customers tell us they find it hard to invest the time in SEO and that SEO can be too complex for them. SEO doesn’t need to be complex and we’re here to simplify that process for you. It’s as easy as picking up the phone to your Dedicated Account Manager.

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So how can your website help your rank on Google?

These are our key elements for the two of the main components in SEO, user experience and search engines, these elements go hand in hand.

– Responsive Design (For a great user experience customers need to be able to navigate through your website easily on all devices)

– Content (The content on your website should appeal to your target customers and be easy to understand. Remember first impressions matter and poor content will lead to customers leaving your website and going to a competitor)

– Page Speed (This is most important especially when users find your website on mobile, if your website takes too long to load then customers will leave your site)

– Website Layout (What do you want customers to see first when they land on your website? It’s estimated that 55% of your website viewers will spend less than 15 seconds viewing your website and having a good layout to your website where the content can grab their attention is vital)

– Site Referrals (The more credible websites that link back to your website will help it become more visible on Google. How do you get credible referrals? Easy! Here are 5 of most used sources in the United Kingdom, Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing and snaplocal.co.uk

Check Your Backlinks For Free Here (SnapSync.co.uk)

At FCR Media we take care of all these elements for your and make this process simple. We have almost 50 years’ experience working with SMEs in the UK and Ireland. With our knowledge of the market place we build great websites that help build confidence and trust in your business.

All our clients get a dedicated account manager available throughout the year. We know you are busy and might not always be able to dedicate time to your SEO. This is why we look after this process for you. Your account manager will give you the most valuable insights you need to make to best decisions for your website’s visibility online.

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