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Get more traffic with a sophisticated Google AdWords™ campaign

FCR Media – Google AdWords™ Premier SME Partner

As a UK Google AdWords™ Premier SME Partner, we bring additional value to the AdWords programme – a full service solution that includes expert advice at the point of sale, expert management of the advertising budget in the acquisition of traffic, transparency in the communication of results and on-call Customer Support.

Businesses will benefit from our strategic relationship with a dedicated Google Partner Manager who provides FCR Media with the latest insights in AdWords™ products and tools.

In-depth AdWords expertise:

Take advantage of our experienced Google AdWords in house team with local knowledge, product expertise and access to Google technologies that create high-performing local campaigns. Our in house team are there to help your business achieve your desired results whether that be website or shop front visits, phone calls or online sales.





Campaign Management:

From setup to optimisation, our full service management offering can help you maximise your campaign’s return on investment.

Customer Support:

We are available to help with email and phone support when you have questions or simply want to understand your campaign results better.

Detailed Reporting:

Detailed performance data regularly delivers key insights into how your AdWords campaigns are performing.

Guidance and Support:

Achieve your marketing objective as we actively measure the success of your campaign based on your return on investment, taking the guesswork out of campaign development and letting you focus on running your business.

Google AdWords™ campaign

Google™ is the favourite search engine for people looking for products or services online. Buying Google AdWords will result in the link to your advertisement appearing to the right of, and sometimes above or below, the most relevant search results in the sponsored link section.


It’s an ideal way to further promote your services and products. So sign up today through FCR Media for a high quality Google AdWords™ campaign. Our specialists create and manage your campaign in a proactive manner and support you with professional advice for better results

I've just purchased an SEA Package, What's Next? Day 1 - 5

Your Google Search Engine advertising programme is presented to our team of Google optimisers who build your campaign based on the following criteria; Keywords and search terms required for the services you provide, geographical area targeted, length and value of campaign and website campaign is directed to. In the event the adword campaign is directed to a website we are building this time frame commences from date the site is live.

I've just purchased an SEA Package, What's Next? Days 5 - 10

You will receive an email entitled - Welcome - Your Search Engine Advertising Programme Is Now Live from traffic@fcrmedia.ie Within 24 hours of receiving this e-mail your dedicated account manager will contact you to confirm all details of your campaign. You will also be given information on how to track the campaigns progress through “Merchant Centre” our online reporting tool. All contact details for your account manager will be furnished at this time.

I've just purchased an SEA Package, What's Next? Ongoing

You will have several contacts from your Account Manager throughout the term to update you on performance and any changes we may suggest to improve same if required.
If at any time throughout the campaign you have a query your account manager will be available to help with this.
A Monthly report will be sent on to you to keep you informed on how the Adwords campaign is performing.

What is Search Engine Advertising SEA – Google Adwords?

Search Engine Advertising is the placing of Ads on search engines like Google that target specific terms searchers are looking for.

Do I need SEA?

SEA ensures you target potential customers who are looking for the services you provide when searching online. This means your Google Ads only appear in front of relevant potential customers.

What's the difference between SEA - Google Adwords and SEO - Organic Listings?

Google Adwords listings appear at the top,side or bottom of a Search Results Page. These ads when clicked bring the searcher to your website to increase the amount of traffic to your website to generate more enquiries. Organic results appear in an order that is determined by Google search criteria. The term to improve ranking in the Organic listings is known as SEO – Search Engine Optimisation If you would like to learn more about SEO we would be delighted to speak to yo

Will my ads appear all the time?

Depending on the budget allocated this will determine how many clicks your campaign generates for particular terms – we can focus the campaign to your specific requirements. If the daily budget is spent for a specific term the listing will no longer appear.

Will my monthly payment amount change?

No – an FCR Media Managed SEA account ensures the payments remain the same as agreed so no surprises in relation to billing!

Why are competitors ads appearing above mine?

This will mostly be determined by Budget allocated to the campaign, as this will be the main factor in the amount of times an add shows.

Can you guarantee that I am on the top three adverts?

We can never guarantee that we will have you in the top three ads all the time, what we will provide is the most cost efficient ad campaign with the maximum amount of clicks generated over the term of the contract.

How can I check my Adwords performance?

Matchcraft our online performance reporting tool gives you access to your campaign as often as you require. Monthly reports will be forwarded to you by email and your dedicated account manager is available to answer any queries you may have.