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Should You Keep Your Site Up To Date

Should You Keep Your Site Up To Date

Yes, but lets look at that and find out why it is important to keep your site up to date and how your business will benefit from either a new website design, and/or an update to your website’s content.

Website Content & Images

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer to see Christmas specials in the middle of Summer. Often this problem occurs because finding the time or someone skilled enough to make changes to your website is difficult for a busy company owner. We strongly believe and actively encourage our merchants to make regular changes, you can pick up the phone to us to make a quick change. We’ll even ring you throughout the year to make sure you’re up to date and ready for the coming business season. Making sure that your content is up to date can often be the difference between getting the sale or not. The difficult part of the web is that in many cases you’re not even aware you’re losing customers and leaking sales.

Here are some key customer touch points to consider:

1) Products and services

Nothing turns a customer away quicker than when they realise what you offer today is not what’s on the website. 67% of customers want to know about what you sell and the price. Often they make evaluations on which company to engage with from the quick information available on your website.

2) Opening Hours

Opening Hours readily available on your site and indexed on search engines is crucial. Unless your business is so specialised that no other can compete with you, customers simply won’t chance driving over to you if they think your not open. It’s easier to find the next business who gives them the information they need.

3) Location & Phone Numbers

Can a customer find you on the map and get simple driving instructions straight from your website? Can a customer click on your phone number from their mobile phone and directly dial you? If not, the chances are they’ll go elsewhere. If You Would Like To Request A Free Website Spec Please Fill In Your Details Here

Look & Feel:

If your website looks old and forgotten about, then customers will pass you by. Your website should feel up to date in order to inspire trust in your company. Trust can be very subtle and takes more than a few good reviews. It is the number one factor in helping customers establish buying intent before going on to check other details like service and price. Responsive Website Design Examples Here are some typical questions we all ask and answer subconsciously while viewing a business website

  • Is this the product or service I want?
  • Is it local to me, or service my area?
  • Can I be confident of quality and service?
  • Are they accredited or can show me real examples of what I will get?

Website Technology:

Without going into boffin territory there is a few key things that are worth discussing.

1) Search Engine Friendly

Your Website should be easy for Google, other search engines and indexing sites to search through and read. So making sure your site has the best available underlying technology to make this happen is critical. Search engines and other listings are your biggest way to get interested customers to your website and learning about your business. New techniques are emerging all the time in reaction to new devices and connection speeds, these can give significant performance gains.

2) Mobile Friendly (Smartphones and Tablets)

The next big hurdle is to make sure your customers have a great experience of your website on smartphones and tablets. Sites that adjust to all types of screens and screen sizes are called responsive web design. This is standard for all sites we build.

3) Secure

It feels like you can’t move without hearing a story of another site being hacked. Most business sites don’t hold consumer information so there’s very little risk from that viewpoint. However SME sites are a prime target for phishing scams where hackers get into your site and pretend to be you, or redirect your customers to other malicious sites. It’s hard to stay 100% secure but newer sites tend to have less security holes and ways for hackers to exploit your hard earned customer reputation.

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