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You Need A Website That You Can Edit. Here’s Why!

You Need A Website That You Can Edit. Here's Why!

When choosing a new website it’s important that you have total control. We understand that your business regularly changes to meet market pressures and best serve your customers. It could be a price, a phone number, or an entire product line that you need to add, edit or remove from your website.

Consumers and Google love fresh up to date content so it’s critically important to keep your site current.

We’ve found that people searching locally for products and services make up over 50% of a website’s web traffic. For example keeping details like opening hours up to date are critical to having a successful website that generates business.

How To Edit Your Website

edit_websiteTypically websites have what is called a content management system, or CMS for short. This allows someone to go in and update information quickly from a dashboard. You can learn how to edit the content and html (a type of computer language used on websites) – Some caution is needed too, you’ll need to be careful as it’s easy to delete something that will really mess up your website.
The other option is get a professional to make the edits for you. We strongly believe and actively encourage our merchants to make regular website changes, you can pick up the phone to us to make a quick change. We’ll even ring you throughout the year to make sure you’re up to date and ready for the coming business season.

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What We Recommend

We highly recommend that your website gives you the ability to change or add pages, text and images. We’ve built thousands of sites and found 3 options that work best for our merchants. These are listed below in order of popularity.

  • Do It For Me – you give us a call to discuss what change you’d like and we do it for you, quick and easy. This is perfect for busy people.
  • Do It With Me – we do the change together while sharing screens so you can see exactly what we see, talking you through every step of the way. Great for people who want to learn and control every detail
  • Do It Yourself –
    you login yourself to your website CMS and edit away – Great for technical people who like to get stuck in.

We use the same system for all options so it’s not a choice you have to make in advance. We feel it’s important for our customers to feel in control at all time of their site, but still have all the backup and support they need to get it done with extra time burdens. This kind of managed system takes the hassle out of the web and makes a complicated change as easy as picking up the phone.

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